About Us

TARV is an acronym formed from the first letters of the owners names and has been a kernel of an idea for many years.

In 2012 we decided to stop dreaming and start doing. We commissioned our first figures and started to plan the company’s future. After a number of false starts and numerous other issues we decided to get serious and in 2014 we launched the company properly.

We aim to produce things that are of interest to us, to fill in gaps in other ranges and to make things we think might be fun. We won’t be making large ranges of Napoleonic figures but we might make one or two character figures. Likewise we have no plans to produce a whole range of 1970’s British Army figures but we will be producing suitable crew and passengers for our Land Rover models.

Our first products focus heavily on the 1970’s, the decade in which we grew up. Early influences include hiding behind the sofa to watch Dr Who and classic Gerry Anderson series, both of which are reflected in our initial releases. You can expect more in a similar vein.

We already have new releases planned. We have sculpts complete for additional Naval Landing Party figures and another Alien has been commissioned. We will share details with you when we can. After that expect more Naval characters and command to complete the range together with more vehicles together with crew.

In time we will continue to add to the TARV ranges and hopefully expand the number of services we offer.

Finally I would like to thank a number of people who have made TARV possible, eBob and Ian Mountain for their great sculpts, Ian Crouch and Jed Norton for the wonderful Land Rover and Rodney Matthews for the tremendous logo.

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